FRNWikiAlexis.png Alexis Marie Deveraux is a major supporting character in the Ruby Saga and a founding member of the Ruby Nation, as well as the sole character to date whose superhuman abilities cannot be explained by nanomachines.


Alexis was born and raised in San Medio County by Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Deveraux. She was the result of her mother's affair with an as yet unknown man, an event of which her legal father was all too aware. Her lack of parental love, coupled with her emerging ESP abilities, made Alexis an extremely isolated child. Clinical examinations of Alexis gave her a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, without any understanding of her abilities' true extent.

Against her will, Alexis was signed up as an intern at Beagle Labs, working alongside her "father". There she met Ruby, and attended the infamous lab experiment. When the test subject chimpanzee went berserk, Ruby jumped in front of Alexis, taking the infected bite for her.

Touched by Ruby's selfless gesture, Alexis joined Ruby in her fight against Beagle. With the help of Jens Larson, she learned how to use her abilities to manipulate minds, instead of just reading them. She tried to go into Ruby's head to cure her friend's depression, but the exercise ultimately failed and simply revealed Alexis' own anxieties to Ruby. Fortunately, Ruby didn't hold it against Alexis, instead reminding her that she could have just talked to her as a friend.

As Ruby continued her journey back to the United States, she was discovered by her estranged father. Understanding Hal Harrison's regrets and touched by his love for his daughter, Alexis pled Hal's case to Ruby. It became clear that Alexis saw Hal as the kind of father figure she never had, but he kept his distance, not wanting responsibility for another child's heartbreak. When Hal was killed in battle, Alexis grieved, but she was at least spared the sadness she would've felt had they been closer.

Ruby Nation

Alexis is a founding member of Ruby Nation, and though her lack of physical powers prevent her from going on their missions, she stays at the San Torre Island Base to provide support. She is currently conducting psychic therapy on Elise Sasaki-Garcia, stabilizing her fractured psyche after erasing the memories of her brainwashed days. Alexis maintained serious doubts about the way her friends use her powers, given the profoundly invasive nature of her services.

The Apex State

Alexis was yet another of the billions of human beings enslaved by the Apex State hive mind. However, Alexis' empathic abilities and atypical neurology kept her from being assimilated, instead leaving her in a catatonic state as she "heard" all the other mental voices without any context or filter. Nevertheless, she managed to pull herself together enough to use the Apex State to discern Ruby's location, and communicate this to her friends as GPS coordinates. Jiro and his team took Alexis with them on the trip to the Kampala Space Port, but she was captured and used as a hostage.


Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Age: 18
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark green
Posthuman Abilities: None
Other Skills: Inborn extrasensory perception allows Alexis to sense and manipulate the thoughts of others


  • Alexis is drawn with whisker-like markings on her cheeks, thin lines of unknown origin. They are meant to make her look less conventionally civilized.
  • Alexis was designed as the sole magical character in the Ruby Saga, the exception to the series' strict rules about the origins of the super-powers. In a world where the greatest villains are completely immoral scientists/social architects, it's fitting that one of the heroes have abilities beyond scientific explanation, owing more to the spiritual side of life.