RNWikiDuncan.jpgDuncan Ernesto is a member of the Ruby Nation and a part of Jiro Sasaki's rescue team during The Apex State story arc.


Duncan lived a relatively normal life for a Southern California teenager, at least compared to what he would next endure. He was targeted by the Doctor for his genetic makeup, the kind which would allow him to survive the posthuman nanomachine surgeries. Duncan was kidnapped and taken to a Beagle Labs facility in Mexicali, Baja California, where he and several other victims were subjected to the treatments.

Ruby Nation

Duncan was eventually rescued during a Ruby Nation raid on the facility, orchestrated by Ruby Harrison, Jiro Sasaki, and Elise Sasaki-Garcia. He was the only subject that survived the raid, the others coldly killed before they could be rescued. Due to his new status as a renegade post-human uncan could not return to his family in the States, so Duncan went to San Torre Island, living with the rest of Ruby Nation.

Even after all the horror and trauma he'd endured, Duncan did not want to hurt anyone else. Despite his desire to avoid conflict, Elise and Jiro tried to train him anyway, believing that combat skills were necessary for his (and their) survival. Elise attacked Duncan, forcing him to defend himself, while Jiro stood on the sidelines so he could intervene if Elise tried to cause any permanent injury. The "training" session was eventually broken up by Ruby herself, appalled at the way her friend and boyfriend were forcing Duncan to act against his will. The two backed down, though neither would make any secret about their disdain for Duncan's cowardice.

When members of the Apex Unit attacked San Torre Island in a last-ditch attempt to wipe out the Ruby Nation, Duncan offered to fight, so the pregnant Ruby would not have to endanger herself or her unborn child. Ruby politely declined Duncan's offer, as her power was more than enough to ward off any threats without strain to herself.

The Apex State

After Ruby left with Beagle to receive needed prenatal surgery for her posthuman baby, Duncan remained on the island with the rest of Ruby's comrades. He was quick to notice that the already hardened Ruby Nation soldiers became even more volatile and unscrupulous in their leader's absence, particularly Jiro. Eventually, when Duncan saw Jiro attempting to torture information out of the Apex Unit member Ratel (despite her having no useful information), Duncan intervened, reminding Jiro that he was acting as cruelly as the enemies he was fighting. Jiro backed down, and Elise actually complimented Duncan on his bravery. This compliment was undercut when Duncan vomited all over the floor, finally processing the stress of the situation.

Shortly thereafter, Jiro apologized to Duncan for the way he'd treated the younger posthuman, and asked him not to join Jiro's rescue mission. Duncan refused, because even though Jiro had treated him badly, Ruby was kind to him, and he wanted to rescue her.


  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Post-human Abilities: Organic metal hands generate and project lightning


  • Duncan is named for the late Michael Clarke Duncan, a talented actor renowned for being one of the kindest men in Hollywood and a cat lover, despite all too frequently being typecast in "scary black man" roles.