RNWikiElise2.jpgElise Sasaki-Garcia is a major character in the Ruby Saga. She was introduced in the background of the Ruby Nation Prologue, but took a starring role in Chapter One, as a point-of-view character for new readers.


Elise-Sasaki Garcia was born and raised in San Medio, CA. Her hyperactivity and overbearing personality made her difficult for other kids to like, but she had at least two friends. She hung out with her cousin Jiro Sasaki at family reunions, and she received tutoring from her classmate Ruby Harrison. Eventually both disappeared from her life, much to Elise's dismay. Elise's relationship with her parents was no source of solace, as they held high expectations for her academic performance, including prescribing additional medication to "control" her ADHD.

Shortly after Ruby's transformation, Elise was kidnapped by Beagle for her genetic makeup, which was ideal for the nanomechanical enhancements. In addition to her sonic wings and retractable talons, Elise was subjected to extensive psychological conditioning, including an extensive VR regimen that forced her to brutally kill simulacrum of her loved ones, and a chip in her brain that released an extra surge of endorphins whenever she killed someone. To Elise, killing felt like a drug, much to her horror. With the rest of Beagle's Apex Unit, Elise killed hundreds of men across various political hot spots, enlisted as a mercenary for countries in the G8. The only solace she found was in a romantic relationship with Kaluga, who consoled her after some particularly brutal wetwork in South Ossetia.

Elise's mercenary career ended when she was sent on a mission against her former friend Ruby. She was placed in a stasis tube as a Trojan prisoner, to be rescued by Ruby. She attacked them once she was released, but was subdued by Jiro, who burned away her left eye in the conflict. In order to restore some semblance of sanity ot Elise, Ruby enlisted he friend Alexis' empathic powers and Opal's surgical abilities to erase all Elise's memories of being in the Apex Unit. At the end of the procedure, Elise had no memory of the past few months prior to her reunion with Ruby and Jiro. All she knew was that Ruby recovered her from a stasis tank mid-transit, as seen in the Prologue. She had no idea how she received her abilities, or how she lost her left eye. She didn't even remember losing her virginity to Kaluga the night before the mission, convincing him that it was their last chance.

Ruby Nation


After Elise was recovered, the members of Ruby Nation kept her under heavy surveillance. Alexis Deveraux offered psychic therapy to stabilize Elise's traumatized personality and recover her lost memories, while Opal Carcharria administered regular medical tests. Jiro tried to train Elise in tai chi, but she disliked his harsh instruction (due partly to his new battle-hardened demeanor, but more due to his romantic involvement with Ruby).

Eventually, Elise was asked to help Ruby with a mission, and she immediately volunteered. She was told to simply fly Jiro into one of Beagle's factories in Mexico, and wait under the guard of the cyborg baboon Gregory until Jiro's return. Instead, she flew in against his orders, feeling a sense of deja vu and wanting to jog her memories. She was immediately spotted by Moray, who referred to her by the code-name Bateleur and sent a cybernetic animal weapon after her as a test.

When attacked by the animal weapon, Elise shifted into a different, bloodthirstier persona and unsheathed cybernetic talons in her hands and feet. She quickly and vigorously destroyed the creature, and kept ripping at the remains until Jiro stopped her. Jiro ordered Elise to abort the mission and return with him, since she had compromised their stealth. Elise argued that since she remembered where the prisoners were held, they had to take this chance. She proceeded to sneak into one of the testing chambers and threatened a lab technician into releasing the subjects, but was knocked unconscious by Ratel and Kaluga.

When Elise awoke, she was chained in a prison cell, being lectured by Moray. Moray told her that she was once a ready and willing member of his unit, but was brainwashed by Ruby and Alexis. Thanks to them, Elise's memories were reset by several months, erasing her experiences and violating her free will. Elise appeared to be left speechless by these comments, unsure who to believe but all too aware that someone had been messing with her mind. In truth, she had been told by Jiro about her origins ahead of hand, and faked surprise as an opportunity to get the drop on Moray and distract him and his cronies. Thanks to Elise, Ruby and Jiro managed to rescue one post-human, Duncan Ernesto, though the others had been remotely euthanized to keep them out of Ruby's hands.

Elise talked with Ruby afterwards, who took responsibility for the idea behind the brainwashing. Though Elise forgave Ruby, she remains unstable. She recently tried "training" new recruit Duncan in hand-to-hand combat against his wishes, assaulting him in the hopes that he would learn to defend himself. Ruby interrupted the training, furious with Elise for forcing her violent lifestyle upon an unwilling victim. Elise backed down, partly due to Ruby's orders but mostly due to the physical and emotional stresses of Ruby's pregnancy giving her more important things about which to worry.

Elise is was sought out by her former Apex comrade Kaluga, based on a shared romantic history she no longer remembered but he could not forget. Since Kaluga's entrance to San Torre Island involved knocking Jiro unconscious and holding Alexis hostage, Elise responded with initial hostility. She warmed a bit more to Kaluga when he let her go to help Ruby against the Apex Unit, and even showed genuine shock and concern when Ruby blasted him in half. Even without her memories, some lingering emotional attachment to Kaluga remained, and she grieved his death as she heard his final words. The following day, Elise changed her hairstyle to expose her scars, as a tribute to Kaluga and the suffering he endured over his facial tumor.

The Apex State

Following Ruby's departure and Jiro's emotional turmoil, Elise found herself the most emotionally stable of the team. She found herself objecting to Jiro's torture of Ratel , not because she had any particular love for her former teammate, but because it was a cruel and pointless exercise. She also apologized to Duncan for her earlier treatment towards him, realizing that she herself was needlessly cruel.

Elise's time as the team's "rock" would come to an end at Kampala Space Port. Upon seeing Alexis murdered, Elise had a complete psychotic break and started killing Apex soldiers left and right. She was able to stop herself from killing the brainwashed Jens, but fell into a deep depression afterwards. Feeling guilty over not showing Alexis any appreciation for keeping her stable, Elise wanted to give up completely, and only found the will to go on when she read a posthumous note from her friend. Even then, Alexis took no joy in the prospect of fighting the Doctor, her hatred too intense to even notice the combat-induced arousal the Doctor programmed into her.

Upon seeing the Doctor in the flesh and learning the reasons behind her motivations, Elise found the deranged child-woman so pitiful that she couldn't muster any satisfaction from revenge, and simply stormed away from her dying foe disdainfully.


Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 176 lbs. (formerly 150 lbs.)
Wingspan: 12' 5", tip to tip
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light brown
Post-human Abilities: Metal wings that provide super-sonic flight and cancel surrounding noises, retractable metal talons in hands and feet that absorb and release sonic energy, enhanced strength, reflexes, and regenerative abilities; more unknown


  • Elise's sexual orientation is ambiguous, as she's written male slash fiction, yet obsesses over Ruby and feels jealousy towards Jiro. When talking to Kaluga, she mentioned that there were only two people she ever wanted to kiss, implying that one of them was Ruby. However, the only physical relationship Elise has had to date is with the male Kaluga.
  • Elise was designed as an enthusiastic, optimistic character who finds being a super-hero fun, which also makes her a deconstruction of that type of kid hero; it's unlikely that she'll still be so cheery upon regaining her memories of the recent past.
  • Not only is Elise's left eye missing, but the surrounding area is covered in a web of scar tissue. She usually hides the scar under her bangs, but when she enters her berserker persona, the markings become much more visible. As of Chapter VII, Elise has changed her hairstyle to show off her scar, perhaps in solidarity towards the deceased Kaluga and the pain he endured living with his facial tumor.
  • Elise's Apex code-name, Bateleur, refers to a species of snake-hunting eagle found within Africa and the Middle East.
  • Elise is seen playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in Chapter 5, specifically the final boss battle between protagonist Raiden and arch-villain Senator Armstrong. This is an especially appropriate reference for Elise, whose replacement protagonist status was inspired by Raiden's debut in 2001's Metal Gear Solid 2, in which he unexpectedly took the player character role from Solid Snake.
  • Elise's handwriting in Elise's Diary and Days of Hurt and Comfort 2 is literally the same as that of the Author. Though that's simply a consequence of The Author's poor penmanship, Elise's writing style is meant to evoke her limited academic skills and emotionally transparent nature, as well as her inherent hyperactivity..