JiroWiki2.pngJiro Sasaki is a major character of the Ruby Saga, second-in-command of Ruby Nation, and life partner of Ruby Harrison. He was also the first of Beagle Labs' posthuman super-soldiers.

Early Life

Jiro Sasaki was born with autism, and lived a very isolated and stressful life. He lived with his father, mother, and two brothers, but largely felt the need to keep to himself. When his father died after a long battle with lung cancer, and his mother fell into a deep depression, Jiro felt the need to support the family by himself. He volunteered for a Beagle Labs experiment conducted by Evie Sloane-Harrison upon other disabled subjects, allegedly using nanomachines to repair nerve damage. Unbeknownst to Jiro, the experiment was designed to create enhanced super-soldiers, and the nanomachines radically remade the subjects' bodies into metallic tissue. Jiro was the only one who survived the procedure, and the process was extremely painful.

Following the experiment, Jiro felt even more isolated than before, due to his enhanced physical and cognitive abilities complimenting his still-arrested social understanding. He refused any black ops assignments given to him by Beagle Labs, yet also refused to go back to his family. As a sign of contrition, Evie gave him a permanent job as a lab assistant in Beagle's public complex.

Ruby's World

Jiro was on the floor during the experiment that transformed Ruby Harrison. Upon seeing Ruby's despair over her transformation, Jiro reached out to her in private, realizing how much the two young people had in common. As Jiro assisted Ruby's fight against Beagle in the following weeks, he began to fall for her. At first Jiro kept his feelings to himself, thinking that Ruby could not love a boy so socially crippled. However, she eventually reciprocated his feelings, and the two started dating, even though those doubts still weighed heavily upon Jiro.

While travelling with Ruby, Jiro made several other acquaintanceships with her other friends. Though he did not like either Alexis Deveraux or Jens Larson at first (resenting the former for her science-defying abilities and outlook, and hating the latter with particular intensity, due to his prior relationship with Ruby), Jiro came to respect both of them as comrades in their shared war. His relationship with Ruby's father also changed, now that he was dating Hal Harrison's daughter. Jiro was the last person Hal spoke to before he died, his last gesture a display of trust in Jiro's ability to take care of Ruby.

Ruby Nation

Jiro acts as the second-in-command of Ruby Nation, keeping the unit up and running while ultimately deferring to Ruby's judgment. The backing from the CIA has given Jiro the resources needed to create elaborate ordinance for the team, including nanomechanical communicators, form-fitting kevlar uniforms, and a variety of other weapons and gadgets.

Jiro helped retrieve Elise from the clutches of Beagle, but prepared for the possibility that the ease of her rescue was due to the situation being engineered as a trap. When the brainwashed Elise emerged from stasis to attack Ruby, Jiro reacted immediately, pacifying her with a blow to the head that left her missing an eye. In order to keep Elise from threatening others (and by extension herself), Jiro helped erase Elise's brainwashing by deleting several months' worth of memories. Their interactions afterwards were tense, with Jiro simultaneously despising Elise's naivette and despising himself for causing that naivette. He eventually told her the truth during the Mexicali Facility Mission, even assuring her that she could take his life if that would make her feel better. Elise was understandably mortified, but stuck to the mission and even allowed herself to become a hostage so Jiro could rescue as many test subjects as possible. He was only successful in freeing one subject, as the others were killed when the facility's security kicked in.

In addition to training Elise, Jiro's also allowed Elise to teach new recruit Duncan how to fight, supervising only to make sure that Elise did not inflict serious bodily harm upon the unwilling trainee. When Ruby discovered that Jiro was forcing the former test subject to learn how to fight, she was furious. Jiro argued that such training would be necessary for Duncan's survival, but the argument triggered the unborn fetus within Ruby, mutating her to a larger and stronger form while causing dangerous strain upon her body. His attention diverted to his girlfriend's welfare, Jiro stopped training Duncan and ordered Elise to do the same, though he still made passive-aggressive comments equating Duncan's pacifism with weakness.

Jiro soon found out that Ruby was pregnant with his child, and his immediate response was to outright vomit in shock. Since Jiro no longer had a human digestive system, he orally expelled fluids that approximate closest to human blood. After cleaning himself up, he talked to Ruby, but found that his anxieties over their future were only increasing the stress upon mother and child. He decided to take a brief walk outside, but he was attacked by Kaluga, who'd snuck onto the island in order to speak privately with Elise. Kaluga only intended to stun Jiro, and even asked that he be allowed just a few minutes in which he could speak to Elise. Already upset from the day's traumatic revelations, Jiro went outright berserk and attacked, but was defeated by his (comparatively) calmer foe.

Jiro awoke to find a dramatically transformed world, in which the entire human race had been assimilated into the Apex State hive-mind. With the entire world now on their enemies' side, Ruby surrendered to them for the sake of their unborn baby, but Jiro remained wary. He demanded that Ruby not allow herself to fall into their clutches, even though he had no idea how to cure the side-effects facing mother and child. Ruby left anyways, further saddened by her boyfriend's lack of emotional support. Later that day, Jiro told Elise that he planned to liberate Ruby from the Apex State, even if it meant killing every human being on the planet.

The Apex State

Jiro's mental state continued to deteriorate as he vowed revenge against the Apex State. When Ratel of the Apex State drifted onto the shore of San Torre Island, Jiro captured her and interrogated her. Despite having no useful knowledge, Jiro brutally tortured Ratel and would probably have killed her were it not for Duncan's intervention. Jiro backed down, and slank out of the room. He realized the error of his ways, but he knew that he still had to rescue Ruby, and would probably have to do even worse deeds when fighting against the Apex State. Jiro pulled himself together and led the remaining Ruby Nation members to the Kampala Space Port in Uganda, looking for a path to Ruby's location on the Apex State Satellite. When a group of Apex State soldiers captured Alexis as a hostage, Jiro was forced to surrender to them, not wanting to gamble with the life of his teammate and Ruby's friend. When the Apex State murdered Alexis anyway, Jiro took no time in commanding his team to kill every soldier except Jens, who was knocked out and kept sedated instead.

After building a funeral pyre for Alexis, Jiro went with his friends into space, to rescue Ruby and kill the Doctor. They were attacked by a new group of Apex soldiers, who went beyond powered exoskeletons and literally had their bodies replaced with grotesque mantis-like machines. His team was unable to defeat the new enemies, and Jiro was badly wounded taking an attack for Duncan (who he proceeded to rebuke for his sloppy fighting). Fortunately, they were rescued by Ruby, who arrived with a new army of post-humans. Upon seeing his old girlfriend and the mother of his unborn child after their separation, Jiro immediately broke down, falling to his knees and apologizing for abandoning her. Ruby was easily able to forgive him, and Jiro got to his feet to join the others for the final battle.

When the Doctor fought back by injecting herself with a new strain of nanomachines, Jiro immediately surmised that the Doctor wouldn't be able to survive the strain for long, and easily dispatched her by firing his weapon at her kidney. As she lay dying, Jiro was able to get a final word in, calling the Doctor on how all her horrible deeds were motivated not by a desire to help anyone else, but a need to feel better about herself by forcing others to accept her, and eventually destroying her own body in a desperate push for self-acceptance. But though he had finally won the war against the Apex State, Jiro still felt guilt over his increasingly extreme actions, as well as the death of Alexis under his watch. He offered to leave Ruby for good, but she refused, and the two reconciled to raise their child in the brave new world.


Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Age: 19
Hair: Blue violet (formerly black)
Eyes: Bright red (formerly brown)
Post-Human Abilities: Entire body is cybernetically enhanced, giving Jiro strength, stamina, coordination, reflexes, regeneration, and cognitive abilities far beyond those of normal humans. He has total memory recall and has mastered a number of kinesthetic skills, including several forms of close-quarters combat. Jiro no longer requires food or water, though his body requires converted electrical energy and will permanently cease to function with insufficient power.


  • Jiro's name comes from Jiro Komyoji from the Japanese tokutatsu series Kikaider, though the latter character is a literal android as opposed to a completely enhanced human.
  • Jiro's non-canon examples cosplay in the Halloween images are based on various characters from Japanese pop culture, including Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, and Big Boss/Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The recent exception is Iron Man based on his Bleeding Edge armor from the critically acclaimed Matt Fraction/Salvador Larroca run.
  • Jiro tends to wear entirely blue, though that is no longer obvious due to the series' switch to a largely greyscale color palette. In combat he originally fought with a wooden shin'ai, but when the Author realized that was too exotic and far-fetched, he switched to machetes.