Moray during the Apex State
Moray is a villain in the Ruby Saga and the main physical antagonist of Ruby Nation.


Little is known about Moray's origins, beyond his own (admittedly questionable) testimony. According to him, he started out as a blind albino in an orphanage, a constant target of other children. He eventually drew the attention of the Doctor, who found him through a database of genetic samples and identified him as an ideal match for the nanomachine treatments. At age ten, Moray was abducted and enhanced, with his own eyes replaced with cybernetics and his body force-grown to adulthood. Unlike most of the post-humans, Moray gleefully took to thesuper-soldier work, reveling in the opportunity to be the bully for once (albeit on a much larger and more lethal scale).

The Ruby Nation

He appeared in the prologue of Ruby Nation, helping some Beagle Labs soldiers guard Elise Sasaki-Garcia in mid-transit. They were attacked by Ruby Harrison and Jiro Sasaki, who managed to liberate the post-human captive. Jiro and Ruby defeated Moray, and would've killed him had he not distracted them by mortally wounding a Beagle guard.

Moray led a cell of post-human assassins called the Apex Unit, each member taking a code-name inspired by an apex predator. After they captured Elise, Moray told Elise several shocking revelations about her missing memories. Unfortunately for Moray, Elise was already told these hard truths by Jiro, and only pretended to be shocked as a distraction. Elise escaped, but not before ripping out one of Moray's eyes (though the Doctor was able to create a replacement).

Weeks later, Moray and Ratel (with Kaluga having arrived earlier, in order to talk to Elise) attacked San Torre Island, with the intent of offering Ruby a final chance to surrender. Since they killed all the regular human soldiers they could on the way to the island's shores, Ruby struck at them, and despite her pregnancy, was able to defeat them both. Moray especially suffered, losing an arm to one of Ruby's EM force blasts. He managed to escape, but in the wake of the Apex State event, found that his usefulness in a world of complete unity was at an end. He was brought to the Lotus Gardens with many of the other post-humans, to live out his days in a drugged euphoria. Moray refused the psychoactive fruits, not wanting to surrender his consciousness.


Moray's erudite vocabulary and dramatic posturing belie his childish sadism. He speaks of warfare and battle as though it's a stage, with conflicts as performance. He expressed admiration for Ruby's "work", an appreciation for violence that she did not share. Moray revels in the opportunity to hurt and kill, and demonstrates little to no empathy for others, including his own teammates. Upon seeing Ratel suffering from torture at the hands of Jiro, his first response was to taunt Ruby over her boyfriend's "show of affection".

Because Moray ascribes dramatic meaning to violence, he finds peace an existential offense against human nature. Even when put out to pasture in the Lotus Gardens, he chose not to eat the Doctor's psychoactive fruits, finding the Doctor's ends far less palatable than her means. However, he did not find his master's new regime so intolerable that he would help Ruby, instead taking a petty glee in her suffering.


Moray at the beginning of Ruby Nation

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Bleach blonde
Eyes: Glassy obsidian
Age: 10
Post-Human Abilities: Nanotech filaments permeate all regions of Moray's body. These filaments can be controlled by Moray's mind like any other limb, and extend from his palms. The filaments are extremely thin and razor-sharp, but can also be bunched together to create strong, thick coils. They also stimulate the rest of Moray's body and provide him with strength, stamina, cognition, reflexes, and recuperative abilities beyond those of normal humans.


  • Moray's name comes from the moray eel, a type of predatory fish. This is in reference to the serpentine movements of his filaments.
  • Though he lost his right arm fighting against Ruby, Moray can still use his nanofilaments to create a makeshift limb.