Opal Carcharria is a member of Ruby Nation who was introduced in Ruby's World, as a subordinate/"daughter" of Dr. Tori Carcharria.


Opal was created from multiple sources with one goal in mind; a super-soldier who could match and defeat Ruby Harrison. Her original body came from a 17-year-old Chinese immigrant named Mei-Zhen, who was kidnapped by Beagle soldiers shortly after she reached American shores. Mei-Zhen's body was enhanced by nanomachine gene therapy using RNA tags from both Ruby and Jiro Sasaki, while her brain was imprinted with a new persona, one that believed herself the daughter of the Doctor. Opal's loyalty was ensured by her programming, as well as a series of micro-explosives implanted throughout her musculature.

Ruby's World

Opal's first and only mission for the Doctor paired her with Griff, a Neo-Nazi seditionist turned Beagle super-soldier. Despite their disdain for each other, Opal and Griff travelled across the roads of Southern California searching for Ruby and her comrades. When they found her, they attacked, but were ultimately defeated. Opal's failure triggered the bombs within her veins, but Ruby used her energy absorption abilities to defuse the implants. Opal was initially dismayed that she was left alive, having failed her mission and the only "mother" she knew. Ruby tried to reassure Opal, but Opal took the opportunity to invite herself onto Ruby's team. Ruby couldn't find the heart to turn her down, and while her friends chafed at Opal's complete and utter lack of social graces, they ultimately accepted her as a comrade.

Opal fought directly alongside Ruby in her final battle with Pierre Buzarde, and completely destroyed her "brother's" confidence by telling him the truth of his origins as a fellow artificially constructed entity. The two young women defeated Buzarde, but Opal regret having to kill her fellow construct and rob him of the ability to find his own path.

Ruby Nation

Opal remains with Ruby on San Torre Island, but thus far has stayed off the battlefield, instead staying back to guard the base and provide the team medical and technological support. She oversaw the brainwashing of Elise Sasaki-Garcia, and provided her with regular check-ups to test the effectiveness of the memory suppression. Currently Opal serves as Ruby's obstetrician, offering medical advice completely devoid of any bedside manner.


Height: 5' 4" base (variable)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Red
Posthuman Abilities: Neuromorphic super-structure that can alter shape and density, and create variable tools and weapons as needed. Strength, stamina, dexterity, agility, memory, and cognition all far above normal human capacity.