FRNWikiBuzarde.png Pierre Ishmael Buzarde was the major antagonist for Ruby's World, and the first enemy faced in combat by Ruby Harrison.


Pierre Buzarde was born six years ago in an artificial womb, his biological parents being sperm and egg samples. His aging was sped up so that he grew to late adulthood in a manner of years, while his memories were digital fabrications. In Buzarde's mind, he grew up in an impoverished Eastern European neighborhood, where he was routinely abused by his mother (a deeply-rooted trauma specifically created by The Doctor to ensure his compliance, if not actual loyalty). He remembered enlisting in the French Foreign Legion at a young age, beginning an elaborate mercenary career spanning conflicts across the world, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan. Eventually he accepted a job as Beagle Labs' Chief of Security, overseeing the silence of anyone keen to sabotage their super-soldier programs.

Ruby's World

When Ruby Harrison received her powers, Buzarde was sent to keep her contained. However, he soon learned that a (relatively) ordinary man, no matter how skilled or vicious, could not stand up against a high-powered post-human. The Doctor upgraded him with nanotechnology, hoping that he would capture Ruby. But Buzarde became addicted to his newfound superhuman power, and indulged so heavily in his sadistic glee that he was humiliatingly bested by Ruby's crew.

The Doctor realized that she made Buzarde too vicious, to the point where he was little more than a cartoonish super-villain, complete with the self-sabotaging tendency to break into monologue. When Ruby had joined with the US Military on San Torre Island, she sent Buzarde after them in a bio-mechanical weapons platform, but with little hope beyond receiving some bloody compensation for her failed project. Opal Carcharria, another one of the Doctor's creations, had joined with Ruby by this point and told Buzarde about his origins. He realized that it was true, and that his entire life had been an experiment ending in failure. He tried to destroy them anyway, but was again defeated. The Doctor activated the self-destruct failsafe in his weapons platform, and Buzarde watched in helpless terror as he was blown to bits.


Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Age: 5 (believed self to be 65)
Hair: None (genetically brown)
Eyes: Red (genetically brown)
Post-Human Abilities: Exo-skeleton provided enhanced strength and reflexes, as well as cybernetic attachments including jet engines on feet, concentrated heat beams in fingers, and poison gas emitters


  • Buzarde's facial features are modeled after several characters by comic book artist Steve Dillon, particularly Herr Starr from Preacher.
  • Buzarde was written out of the Ruby Saga when the Author became increasingly dissatisfied with a one-dimensionally evil villain, even if he was intended to be entertainingly over-the-top. Opal's speech to Buzarde is a particularly meta indictment of the Author.