RNWikiRatel.jpgRatel is a member of the Apex Unit and a minor antagonist in the Ruby Saga. She is the first post-human character in the comic who was not originally a homo sapiens.


Ratel was created not from a human being, but an actual ratel (Mellivora capensis, better known as the honey badger). The nanomachine therapy changed her into a more powerful humanoid form while granting her a limited degree of intelligence and language. She was assigned to the Apex Unit with Moray, Kaluga, and Bateleur (a.ka. Elise Sasaki-Garcia).

Ruby Nation

Ratel fought against Ruby Harrison and her former comrade Elise on two occasions; first, during their raid upon Beagle's Mexicali facility, and again, during the Apex Unit's final mission on San Torre Island. During the latter mission, Ratel was ignominously blasted into the Pacific Ocean by Ruby, miles away from the island base.

The Apex State

She managed to make it back to shore by the next day, but was immediately dispatched and detained by Jiro Sasaki. When Ratel proved uncooperative with Jiro's interrogation, he resorted to electrical torture, and eventually broke down from the pain. Unfortunately for her, Jiro did not believe her when she said she knew nothing about Ruby's whereabouts, and continued to electrocute her until his friends stopped him. Ratel eventually passed out from the trauma, and was left alone on the island, to be found by members of the Apex State.


Height: 4'5"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Age: 6 years
Hair Color: Dark Grey
Eye Color: Yellow
Known Post-Human Abilities: Dramatically enhanced strength, stamina, agility, and dexterity, hair is made of diamond-hard quills that can be projected over short distances


  • Ratel is loosely inspired by the original origin for the Marvel Comics character Wolverine, another, significantly more famous character with the name, stocky stature, and demeanor of an ill-tempered mustelid. Early in Wolverine's creation, his writers planned for him not to be a human mutant, but an actual wolverine radically evolved into a human form by the High Evolutionary.
  • Ratel is the Afrikaans name for the honey badger, an animal that has gained widespread notoriety through the memetic success of the "Crazy, Nasty-Ass Honey Badger" videos.