Ruby's appearance from her cameos in the upcoming "Project C"
Ruby Carolina Harrison is the protagonist of the Ruby Saga series and the leader of the Ruby Nation unit of young super-soldiers. The daughter of Evie Sloane-Harrison, Ruby has unwillingly become the heir to her mother's fight against Dr. Tori Carcharria and her Beagle Labs company.


Ruby was born to Hal Harrison and Evie Sloane-Harrison, their second attempt at conception after a previous stillbirth. By all accounts Ruby was a happy and obedient child, who loved animals and fantasy hero stories. She was devoutly religious to her mother's Jewish faith, despite Evie long since having abandoned allegiance to anything greater than science.

Ruby's life was derailed when she and her best friend Jens Larson walked home to find that her mother had shot herself. Ruby was deeply shocked and saddened by this traumatic event, but she tried to sublimate her sadness into helping her loved ones. On one hand, Ruby tried to please her father by doing well in school; on the other hand, she tried to keep her friend Jens happy so he wouldn't drop out of classes. Ruby and Jens even started dating, unbeknownst to Ruby's father. Unfortunately for Ruby, Jens didn't want to continue with his education, dropping out and leaving for a bohemian life in San Fransisco. When Jens asked Ruby to join him, she declined, wanting to focus on her future and her upcoming enrollment to Stanford.

Ruby's future, however, took an unexpected turn. On the first day of her internship at Beagle Labs, Ruby was caught in a lab accident that made her much larger and stronger. (This was no accident, and was in fact set up years before by her mother, though Ruby would not learn this until later) Her chances of a normal life were derailed, but Ruby found a new cause when she learned where the technology behind her transformation came from. Disgusted with the human testing and super-soldier programs with which her mother was complicit, Ruby dedicated herself to stopping The Doctor's plans. Unfortunately, Ruby had no evidence against her mother's former partner, and was forced to play along as an unexpected spokesperson for Beagle's genetic engineering.

In her campaign against Beagle, Ruby began to make connections like she'd never felt before. She became friends with Alexis, a mysterious empathic girl whose father was also a Beagle employee, and Jiro, a young lab assistant who had worked under Ruby's father. As nanotech-enhanced post-humans, Ruby and Jiro shared a mutual alienation from society combined with a strong sense of justice, and eventually fell for each other. Even Jens returned to her side upon hearing the news of her transformation, though he wasn't particularly happy about Jiro's role. But once Ruby started to rebel openly, the Doctor struck back and eventually got the National Guard to pursue her. Acting in the defense of her friends, Ruby unleashed her magnetic energy powers for the first time, killing dozens of well-meaning US soldiers. Despondent, she left with her friends, and for weeks hid in the wilderness of Baja California, under the border.

Eventually Ruby and her group returned to the United States, adding two more to their membership; Opal Carrcharia, an artificially created post-human abandoned by her "mother", and Hal Harrison, who was desperate to make up for abandoning his daughter earlier. They contacted the National Guard directly, surrendering so they could explain their side of the story. Eventually Ruby spoke to the President himself, and set up a deal; Ruby would do Black Ops work for the US against the Doctor, while they would offer her friends sanctuary and protection. They relocated to the San Torre Island military base off the coast off of the coast of Southern California.

The relocation was met with an attack by the Doctor, who sent a fleet of her monsters after the base. In this battle, Hal was killed and Jens was maimed, but Ruby managed to rescue a four-year-old post-human subject named Rafa. She vowed to him that she would keep Rafa safe from his pursuers, no matter how many people she had to kill. Sadly, Rafa died from complications of his many surgeries a few days later.

Ruby Nation

Ruby's iconic outfit
Months later, Ruby was called into action again to rescue another post-human subject; Elise Sasaki-Garcia, who she once befriended and tutored in physics. Ruby rescued a captive Elise as she was held aboard a freight train below the border, and took her back to their base at San Torrre Island. When Elise awoke, she attacked Ruby with a berserk fury that would have been inconceivable were it not for the months of conditioning she had endured. Elise was subdued, but to keep her from presenting a danger to herself and others, her memories were modified. Elise seemed to be restored to the affable (if overbearing) girl Ruby had known years ago, and Ruby tried to keep Elise from the battlefield in order to allow her a chance at happiness. Elise eventually found out the truth over the course of the Mexicali Facility Mission, and Ruby accepted full responsibility for Elise's brainwashing. The younger girl was able to forgive Ruby, understanding the difficulty of the situation.

Shortly after the Mexicali Facility Mission, Ruby found herself unable to sleep. She eventually determined that she was pregnant with Jiro's child, and her physiology was changing to produce even more energy for the fetus, while also fueling her body and brain's physical needs (with, obviously, no regard for her psychological welfare). The fetus' demands upon Ruby's body increased, and when it sensed that she was in danger (even though it was merely the stress of an argument with Jiro), it mutated her to an even larger and stronger size; however, the physical strain of the transformation knocked her out. After as thorough a medical examination as possible, Opal Carcharria concluded that Ruby's unborn child could keep inflicting such changes upon its mother in response to external stress, with dangerous and potentially fatal consequences. Unfortunately, the fetus' completely alien physiology meant that there was no way to safely abort it, or even quell its demands. The only person with the knowledge to figure out a solution was one Dr. Tori Carcharria-- Ruby's arch-nemesis.

Ruby eventually told Jiro that he would become a father, and while he offered some reassurance to the mother of his child, his ability to cope with this news (especially given the dangers the fetus poses to Ruby) has proven tenuous at best. Worse yet for her, Ruby was forced back into combat when the Apex Unit attacked San Torre Island (albeit with the intention of offering Ruby a chance at surrender). With Jiro knocked unconscious and Elise coerced by Kaluga into staying behind, Ruby fought Moray and Ratel by herself, and despite being slowed by her condition, she defeated both of her foes. However, she was too wrapped up in the heat of battle to realize that Kaluga, who arrived shortly thereafter with Elise, came in peace. She impulsively blasted him with all her force, thinking he was a threat to Elise. She immediately regret her decision afterwards, especially upon seeing the unfortunate Apex soldier ripped in two.

Later that day, Ruby discovered that the Apex State hive-mind had taken over the entire human population. Unwilling to fight the whole world and feeling guilty for her role in Kaluga's death, she surrendered to the new world order, in exchange for her friends' safety and medical treatment for her unborn child. This was made especially hard for her by Jiro's actions, as he demanded she not put herself at their mercy. Heartbroken, Ruby left anyway for a secret Beagle Labs facility, where she would get the physical examination she and her unborn child needed.

The Apex State

The first evening of her stay with the Apex State, Ruby was visited by Jens, now transformed physically and mentally by the Apex State. Under the pretense of checking on her well-being, he crowed about his newfound "perfection". Ruby found the new Jens a sickening imitation of the original, whose bravery and compassion were far more important to her than his insecurities. Jens responded by insinuating that Ruby could be threatened at any time, and Ruby interpreted his defensiveness as a potentially exploitable fault in the Apex State's new world order. However, given her condition, Ruby also realized that she had to be extremely careful with her next moves.

Shortly thereafter, Ruby eventually received a treatment to quell her fetus' demands, which also restored her to her "original" size. She was summoned to finally meet the Doctor face to face, seeing the true, biologically immature face of her enemy. Ruby received a thoroughly demoralizing lecture from the Doctor about her inability to change the world, followed by the revelation that she was being held prisoner on a space station. Despite all this, Ruby remained vigilant, waiting for the opportunity to make her move.

Since her surgery, Ruby had felt off emotionally, her feelings more flat and less intense than usual. She went to confront the Doctor once again, who told Ruby about the emotion regulator chip implanted into her. Seeing her enemy's true face for the second time, Ruby told off the Doctor, pointing out how childish her imperious deeds actually were. The Doctor responded by triggering Ruby's regulator chip, causing excruciating pain and threatening to kill her if she continued to prove disobedient. Ruby, however, used this opportunity to pinpoint the chip's location in her body, and used her electromagnetic abilities to deactivate it.

With (unwitting) advice from Moray, Ruby figured out how to fix the other post-humans in the Lotus Garden. Though most of them were too wracked with withdrawl to help her, several post-humans came to Ruby's side, enough to form a formidable army. With her new followers, Ruby not only demolished the Doctor's defenses, but rescued her old team as well. She inevitably reached the Doctor, who ended up destroying herself with a nanomachine serum that was utterly rejected by her stunted form. Ruby knelt at the Doctor's side to hear her final words, and explained that she wouldn't be trying to reshape the world in her enemy's stead. The Doctor was so moved by Ruby's speech that she left the rest of the Apex State with the knowledge of exactly who saved them, turning the post-human leader into a legend for the entire planet.

Upon the team's return to Earth, Ruby found out about Alexis' murder. As distraught as she was, she still wished to reconcile with Jiro, and they promised to remain together and raise their unborn child.


Height: 9' 1" (Formerly 5' 5"; 12' after recent mutation )
Weight: 370 lbs. (formerly 115 lbs.; 555 lbs. after recent mutation )
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Age: 18
Post-Human Abilities: Enhanced strength, endurance, density, regeneration, and reflexes; entire body can harvest energy from ambient radiation and utilize it as electro-magnetic force for telekinetic capabilities; enhanced senses for internal as well as external stimuli; body's energy production abilities exponentially increased due to needs of unborn child


  • Ruby's original appearance was loosely based on that of Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg circa Buffy Season Three. Ruby's ethnic background (mixed Irish/Jewish) also matches Hannigan's, though the odds of her becoming a Wiccan stereotype and getting trapped in an overbearing after-school storyline about magic being drugs are thankfully low.
  • Ruby's costumes in the not-particularly-canonical Halloween Cosplay images are based on other redheads in fantasy fiction, including Ginny Weasely, Cally Calhoun, Kallen Kozuki, Amy Pond, and Jean Grey.
  • Ruby's pregnancy is very loosely based on an X-Men fan fiction idea The Author had many years ago, with Jean Grey being host to a second generation mutant profoundly different from either of its parents, and Cyclops taking Jiro's role as the expectant father on the verge of a nervous breakdown.