RNWikiSanTorre.jpgSan Torre Island is the main setting of Ruby Nation, and the current home of Ruby Harrison and her friends.


San Torre Island is a small island situated 15 miles off the coast of Baja California, with Tijuana to the south and San Diego to the north. It was occupied by the United States during the Cold War, who built a military outpost on the surface with a fallout shelter underneath, as well as a submarine bay containing a nuclear-equipped vehicle, for use against the Communists in the event of a nuclear escalation . The base was largely abandoned after tensions between East and West cooled, though America kept its claim to the island.

When the United States government got wind of Beagle Labs' true plans to launch a coup against the nation that funded it, they reopened San Torre Island as a base for their new allies in Ruby Nation. As per the Commander-in-Chief's personal agreement with Ruby, any living arrangements and amenities would be provided for the young post-human group, in exchange for their service to America. A squad of Special Forces was dispatched to the island as well, to monitor the Ruby Nation's activities.

Since its reopening, the San Torre Island Military base has seen two direct attacks on its shore, first from Pierre Buzarde, and months later from the Apex Unit. Both attacks were unsuccessful, but resulted in massive casualties for the human soldiers. The surviving humans remain on the island, albeit under the control of the Apex State hive-mind. The Ruby Nation team has since left the island, as they re-appropriated the nuclear submarine earlier and used it to escape, under the assumption that they would not be attacked if they could launch the torpedoes and contaminate a significant portion of the Apex State's new planet.