RNWikiDoctor.jpgThe Doctor is the founder of Beagle Labs and the Apex Unit, the overseer of the Apex State, and the main antagonist of the Ruby Saga. Her real name is Olivia Shruke, but she interacts with the world via the persona of Victoria Carcharria.


The Doctor was born as Olivia Shruke,with a congenital kidney disorder that stunted her aging, leaving her body effectively frozen at age seven. Her parents desperately (and futilely) tried to find a cure that would allow Olivia to grow into a normal young woman, subjecting her to a vigorous regimen of tests and treatments. This convinced Olivia that she was inherently defective, but so was the rest of the world. She envisioned a utopia where everyone would share the same identity, so nobody would ever be as isolated as her.

The Doctor's brilliant mind allowed her to amass wealth and power without anyone knowing. She created the identity of Victoria Carcharria, a persona represented by sophisticated androids that looked like a fully-grown Olivia Shruke. She used this identity to interact with the world and become a renowned figure in biotechnology, while diverting attention away from her hacking activities to steal the capital needed. Eventually she founded Beagle Labs, a pharmaceutical company focusing on human and animal augmentation. However, this was still not enough to create her vision of the Apex State.

Eventually The Doctor came across Evie Sloane-Harrison, a woman whose pioneering research in nanotechnology would be key to the utopia she'd envisioned. The Doctor hired Evie, and found that they shared a vision of an orderly world free of infirmity and mortality. They worked closely, with The Doctor even revealing her true self to her new partner. However, once Evie discovered Beagle's abduction, vivisection, and enslavement of human subjects for the sake its secret military-industrial contracts, she had a crisis of conscience. The Doctor refused to stray from her plan, and had an army of post-human soldiers strong enough to conquer the entire world at a moment's notice. Evie could not directly oppose her former partner, so instead she exposed her daughter Ruby to a new model of nanomachines, with their effects delayed until the girl reached her eighteenth birthday. In order to cover her tracks and protect Ruby as much as possible, Evie killed herself shortly after dosing her only child.

Ruby Nation

The Doctor did not allow herself to grieve her only genuine human relationship, because she had to complete the plan for which she'd sacrificed so many lives. Ruby proved a challenge to The Doctor's plans, especially once she'd amassed her own squad of post-human rebels. The Doctor did not wish to kill Evie's daughter, but she kept her busy while launching the orbital space stations that would administrate the Apex State. Eventually she dispersed the nanomachines across the Earth's atmosphere, and merged the human race into an orderly hive-mind. Unwilling to kill the people under the Apex State's controls, and worried about the complications of her unplanned pregnancy, Ruby surrendered to The Doctor. She even allowed herself to be transported to a Beagle Labs medical facility, with the interstellar destination kept from her.

The Apex State

After Ruby received treatment that quelled her unborn child's life-threatening strain, she was summoned to meet the Doctor face to face. The Doctor told Ruby about her condition and history, hoping that she would finally understand and appreciate the perfect world she'd created. She also reprimanded Ruby about her perceived incompetence and immaturity, leaving the young woman in a despondent state. However, Ruby had not surrendered, and was planning her own counterattack at the right moment. Realizing that her brain chemistry had unexpectedly been altered during the pre-natal surgery, Ruby again confronted the Doctor, insulting her for her childish behavior, that hurt and killed so many people so she could get her way. The Doctor, particularly insulted by these words, triggered the regulator chip she put inside Ruby, causing her excruciating pain and threatening lethal force if Ruby remained non-complaint. However, Ruby had hoped for this outcome, and used the opportunity to pinpoint the regulator chip's location and destroy it.

Eventually Ruby assembled a small army from the other post-humans in the Lotus Garden, and together with Jiro Sasaki's team, confronted the Doctor. In order to defend herself, she injected a new strain of nanomachines into herself, transforming her into a monstrous creature. However, the serum failed to overcome her herditary illnesses, and one shot to the kidney from Jiro's weapon sent her into renal failure. As she lay dying, the Doctor had one last conversation with Ruby about what she planned to do with the world she'd liberated. When Ruby refused to use control as a means of leading people, or others' cruelty as an excuse for her actions, the Doctor wondered if perhaps her old partner's daughter had been right all along.

The Doctor's final concilliatory thoughts towards Ruby affected everyone else in the Apex State, and as her hold on the human race released, she left them with memories of Ruby. The Doctor wanted to ensure that her former arch-nemesis would be rewarded for her victory, and be treated as a messiah who could influence the world as she wished.


  • Height: 3'4"

  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Age: 49
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Post-Human Abilities: Body is linked directly into the Apex State server, with administrative privileges to control every affected human


  • It is implied that only certain sets of genes allow subjects to survive nanomachine enhancement surgery, so the Doctor remains a victim of her growth disorder.

  • The Doctor's true form makes her an ideal counterpart to Ruby; instead of a statuesque young woman who feels she must protect the rest of the world, the Doctor is a stunted older woman willing to sacrifice everyone else for her selfish and childish vision.
  • The Doctor's adult "Victoria Carcharria" face is based on several psychiatrists The Author had seen throughout his adolescence and young adulthood, people who thought that throwing pill after pill at a problem would create an adequate solution to The Author's depression, resulting in side-effects far worse than the illness the pills were meant to cure.
  • The final act of the Doctor sets up the universe of the upcoming comic code-named "Project C".