RubyM9PortraitWiki.jpgThe M9 State is a crossover between The Ruby Nation and the M9 Girls webcomic, written by Rulo Potamo (M9 Girls) and illustrated by The Author. It projects an alternate timeline much darker than what we've seen in M9 Girls, and even more grim than the Ruby Nation.

The crossover is divided into five parts;
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

M9 Girls is a superhero/shojo series set in a similar world of biotechnological proliferation. It stars four female college students; Any, Pato, Clau, and Karla, who partake in an experiment that lets them tap into the primordial energy of the universe. They largely react to their new powers with joy and excitement, but they soon learn that things are not so innocent. However, while the girls remain relatively optimistic in their own world, the same attitude cannot survive in the world of Ruby Nation.

Trivia from the writer:

  • Any is kind of an overachiever. It makes sense she is the one who becomes a top scientist at Beagle Labs.
  • It became clear during the earlier drafts that this would be a Pato story. Her wry attitude makes her better prepared to undertake Ruby’s world, especially once Any has been set up as an antagonist.
  • Dr. Carcharria is a fearsome character. Her dialogs wrote themselves in a commandeering way. This is a person who knows how to have her way with all those super-powered characters.
  • Clau is normally a very sunny and optimistic character. We managed to slip some of her quirky personality in this rather dark story. She is the source of the little bits of humor in this story.
  • Jiro capturing Any happens off-screen. That was no small feat, but we decided to only show the confrontation with Karla since the emotional points of the story are better made there, as seen thru Ruby’s eyes.
  • Pato’s teleporting limits have not been stablished on her own comic yet, but the description of how they work as presented on the crossover is indeed canon: Pato can teleport if she can locate where she is going.
  • The M9 Girls live in a universe where hi tech developed faster. M9’s author has always envisioned Ruby’s universe as one of the possible futures for M9 Girls, should such technology create a technocratic dictatorship. The crossover explores these ideas.

Trivia from the artist:

  • This is the second Ruby crossover story, the first being Juventas. However, that story was exclusively written and illustrated by Sarah Driffill of Princess Chroma, while this story is the Author's first collaboration.
  • Studies were made of the existing M9 Girls strips and all its characters prior, to make sure that each girl's unique personality and look were captured. The artist initially showed his faith in the project by drawing portraits of the four girls.
  • The story is structured as a prose piece with attached illustrations, similar to the artist's text pieces in the supplemental chapters of the Ruby Nation.
  • Jiro wears a ski mask and goggles inspired by Snake-Eyes from the GI Joe comics.
  • Due to the more sinister nature of this universe, the girls do not wear their colorful and fashionable costumes. Neither do Ruby and Jiro, having less resources here than in their original story to create customized equipment and armor. Pato and Clau wear simple grey shirts and camo pants, while Karla wears a full-body leather uniform and Any wears regular civilian attire with a laboratory coat.
  • Karla's suppressed emotions are another horrific implementation of the Doctor's brain tampering techniques, seen in the Ruby Nation with Elise's brainwashing, the self-destruction regulator chips implanted into controlled post-humans, and the Apex State hive-mind inflicted upon the regular humans.
  • Ruby's eyepatch is not explained, and exists only as a visual pun that will only register to fans of the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • One of the many monitor screens in Chapter 2's illustration shows a hippopotamus, one of the writer's favorite animals.