Concept Sketch of Apex Armors
The eXoskeletal Augmentation Gear (XAG) is a suit of mechanical armor designed to enhance human performance. It was invented by the Doctor as a means of mass-producing the abilities of posthumans, and adopted by thousands of human subjects from the Apex State's hive-mind .


Despite the amazing abilities of the posthumans, the process of creating them was too expensive and inconsistent to replicate. The nanomachine gene therapy that empowered posthumans such as Ruby Harrison and Jiro Sasaki required an ideal set of genetic markers for success, and would otherwise condemn the subject to a grotesque and painful death. However, after sacrificing thousands of human "guinea pigs", the Doctor still created enough posthumans to build an unrivaled mercenary force, which she used to fund the launch of the Apex State hivemind.

Instead of creating more posthumans out of the subjects under her complete control, the Doctor instead designed a prosthetic exoskeleton to enhance individuals from the outside. Called the eXoskeletal Augmentation Gear (XAG for short), it wrapped its pilot in a shell of carbon nanofiber muscles and memory metal alloys. The XAG would increase its pilots' strength a hundredfold, and provide use of an array of onboard weapons and equipment. Though the suit did not require the invasive and life-threatening gene therapy used to create posthumans, it did require an injection of nanomachines that would replace the pilot's synapses, allowing seamless control over the suit but otherwise mimicking organic nerve cells in every function. Early models were powered by solar cells laced throughout the musculature, and could outperform solid state machines at a fraction of the energy consumption.

Despite their bleeding edge hardware, Apex soldiers in XAGs failed to defeat the posthuman members of the Ruby Nation, with only three of the super-soldiers massacring a squad of two dozen. However, the XAGs were used throughout the Apex State, for occupations varying from construction work to deep-sea exploration. Even after the Doctor's demise and the fall of the Apex State, these units remained, and subsequent models of XAG would fuel an emboldened international arms race for decades to come.


  • Carbon nanotube musculature and shape memory alloy equipment, powered by a network of high-capacity solar cells
  • Somatic control via synaptic nanomachines
  • Miniaturized VTOL jet pack for short-range flight
  • Plasma pulse cannon mounted on right gauntlet
  • Retractable graphene ballistic shield mounted on left gauntlet
  • AR display downloads information from orbiting Apex State servers


  • The XAG is the main source of super-power in "Project C", the upcoming successor to Ruby Nation, set over a decade after the previous series with a new cast of characters.
  • The most notable pilot of the early XAGs was Jens Larson, who used the armor's enhanced strength to murder his friend Alexis Deveraux, under the commands of the Apex State.
  • Design influences incorporated into the XAG by The Author include but are not limited to Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Iron Man armor from Marvel Comics, the Transmetal Megatron from Beast Wars: Transformers, Solidus Snake's exoskeleton from Metal Gear Solid 2, Frank Quitely's armored animals from We3, Frank Miller's armored Batman from the final issue of the Dark Knight Returns soft shell crabs from nature, the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) suit from Japanese company Cyberdyne, Bob Layon's original X-O Manowar armor from Valiant Comics, and the Oracle suit from the Demon Archives webcomic by Daniel Sharp and Sebastian "Seba" Priz. In a guest comic by the author, the latter suit and its pilot Tenzin Dorje managed to beat the living shit out of all the former influences.